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Ryan Morrison
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My name is Ryan aka Dragon, and I live in the state of Michigan. I am a easy going, fun loving, goofy guy. I love to tell jokes, be sarcastic, table top roleplay (GMing mostly), and hangout with friends and family. I am currently looking for a job, unfortunately. I am always looking to make new friends with people. So, if you are looking for a new friend or need someone to talk to, I'm your guy.
Okay this is a just cause post. It won't make sense to most but to a few it might.. in some areas. :giggle: Anyways..

So yeah.. Why is it there are several different ways for us to say we feel trapped, or in what way we feel "trapped?" But when we don't feel that way or we get out of the situations that made us feel trapped our moment of freedom seems to be forgotten, fade, or end? And also the only way we can say we feel at that moment is "Free?" It boggles my mind sometimes honestly. Sound stupid? It only goes on from here. :evillaugh:

Addiction.. Yep. I'm going there. Not to the normal things like smoking or drinking. My take on those is "It's your body. Your consequences, so what happens to you and your body is your fault." The end. No, my addiction is to life. Creation. Godhood and fantasy. Truth be told? I am addicted to roleplaying. No I'm not referring to in the bedroom or anything like that. Fuck I'd give it a try honestly sounds fun. But to the symbol, the meaning, the experience of roleplay. I run a tabletop game, a roleplaying game with my closest of friends and family. I create beings, give them life, personalities, sense of humors, attitudes. These people exist in my universe, my world and are very much a part of me. Sound crazy? I don't know or care as its so much fun. Beyond being a game master (GM), its fun to experience other peoples' worlds and see what its like to be there. To step out of the "everyday normal and be someone else, somewhere else, doing something else then just.. everyday.. same old same old... and feel like life is dull, boring, quiet.. and just.. nothing.. To those friends, comrades and fellow rpers I salute you. You know at least a taste of what I speak. Be it fantasy, superheroes, erotica, anime, or some other category not mentioned I say good for you. :thumbsup: You live the dreams of your childhood. You bring that being to life and you enjoy that adventure no matter where it takes you. To you who have no idea what I speak just try it.

Love. So hard to find that special someone. We look and look and look.. Some of us our whole lives and never find them. To some lucky few, they do. :D :party: :cake: Good to them. Love is a splendid thing no matter what science says. That warm, butterflies in the stomach, queasy, floating on cloud nine, dreamy, hazy, this person is the one feeling you get when you fall in love. Its literally the best feeling in the world isn't it? Ahh... The thought of waking up to the same wonderful person every morning and falling to sleep seeing them as the last thing before dream land has long been a dream of mine and I long for that day. I eagerly await it's arrival. :love: :heart: I am a true, down to earth romantic. :kiss: I love to share my romantic side to that special someone as much as possible. :hug: I also have no fear to show how much someone means to me, or doing things for the ones I love. I be damned for saying so then strike me dead.

Well the feeling for ranting has now passed. I hope you enjoyed the ride for those of you who actually stayed on the ride till now. There are t-shirts and souvenirs in the gift shop on your way out. Thank you for stopping out. We hope you'll come again. Have a nice day. :rofl:
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